About Us

In last 53 years since its inception, Amco has emerged as a global brand field of forgings.It was way back in 1963 when the foundation of this brand was laid by the visionary entrepreneur S. Manjit Singh Ubhi, well defined goals innovative measures and Competent strides were the guiding principals which motivated S. Manjit Singh Ubhi to aim for skies. Owing to his unrelenting efforts, the products manufactured by the group are today acclaimed globally and are exported to prominent markets across the world.


Amco Group is today one of the leading manufacturer of mechanical presses and cold forging parts manufacturer with a proven record of supplying to numerous Industries like automotive, construction, industrial, electrical and many more. The group is also into the manufacturing of oil fittings, hex nuts and adaptors, inner tubes, sleeves, caps, ball joint sockets, studs, case gears, etc. The company’s monthly production capacity is increasing day by day. It is working on the concept of ISO 9001:2008 standards for continuous.



It is a well-known fact that Punjab is facing acute shortage of labor since long. To overcome the situation, the company has opted for CNC machines. Presently, 80-90% work is done on CNC machines.The company has a comprehensive range of infrastructure to accommodate the diverse needs of its customer base. The company’s emphasis has been to achieve superior performance and high-quality products at low cost. “We are dedicated to serve the society and mankind though our quality products and for that, we try to find various methods of reduces wastage and improving production, which is our Core philosophy,”

Employee Satisfactions

With a total of 200 employees and increasing, Amco Industries have always stood up for the employees not only in working aspects but Social as well.


Amco Industries have already taken over Domestic Market & also Exporting its Products to Direct OEMs and Traders all over world with its high quality products and customer satisfaction