The history of dynamic and progressive thinking beings here…


Born on 28 september, 1934, S. Manjit Singh Ubhi at lehra village, near Ludhiana. Lost his father and mother at the age of 10.


After years of hard work and dedication, S. Manjit Singh Ubhi started his own company named M.S.S.S Mechanical Works and started manufacturing power presses under the trade mark Amco Press Systems.


With all the dedication and hardwork, Amco Press Systems grew to be the best power press manufacturer in the North India with its high quality power presses and vast customer network all over India.


While providing high quality power presses, Amco Press Systems was not only a trade mark but was turned into a brand by the hardwork and honest business rules of S. Manjit Singh Ubhi and in this year another unit was brought into existence under the name Amco Industries.


Amco Industries started manufacturing hydraulic hose pipe fittings using cold forging technique and with CNC machines.


Within a span of 5 years, Amco Industries started exporting its Products to various country under the trademark MS HydroFitments.


Both The companies started by S. Manjit Singh Ubhi are recognised all over the India and overseas by providing the best quality and by serving hundred of its customers under the motto “BUILT FOR PRECISION”.